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VIVOTEK’s Shepherd, embedded with device management functions, can easily set up multiple cameras at once. The software automatically brings up a list of all VIVOTEK devices that are connected on the network and user can manually group the cameras to apply pre-configured settings. The Shepherd supports various powerful functions, including group setting management, IP address assignment, remote reboot/restore, import/export camera settings, firmware and VADP package upgrade, exporting the server status report to track the issue. It greatly benefits system integrators and installers who often have projects that need to set up multiple cameras with the same settings at once.


Key Features

  • IP Range Search
  • Batch camera settings configuration
  • Assign IP address on multiple devices with ease
  • Upgrade firmware/package/license broadcast
  • Restore/reboot multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Generate reports for debugging
  • Support VivoCam PoE Switch (AW-GEV Series) Discover Integration
  • Support 4K Screen Resolution
  • Support VIVOTEK Camera Smart Stream III


Automatically Detect All Cameras on Your Network

Whenever Shepherd initiates, it will automatically search the LAN for VIVOTEK devices and list them all.


Saving Your Time & Money

Batch setup on Shepherd will largely decrease tedious repeat work. Simply create a template configuration file, and apply it to hundreds, or even thousands, of cameras at one time.


Simple Steps to Complete IP Assignment

Choose DHCP, fixed IP, or assign an IP range for multiple VIVOTEK cameras.


Faster Maintenance

Need to upgrade camera firmware? Or update a camera license? Or upload VADP package for more advanced camera functions? Shepherd also supports these functions through batch update.


Easiest Way to Keep Information Updated

Shepherd supports remotely exporting camera logs and configuration files for whenever you need to check an issue, or wish to request VIVOTEK technical support.



Software_v3.0.0.1** Software_v2.4.0.201*


* For firmware before 0x06a
** Firmware 0x06a or above

Scenario Recommend Shepherd Version
Configuration for camera before f/w 0x06a v2.4.0.201
Upgrade camera to 0x06a v2.4.0.201
All feature for camera f/w 0x06a or above v3.0.0.1



Version 3.0
Max # of Cameras Unlimited
OS Support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
Language Support Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polski, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Software Update Support Shepherd software update
Device Support All VIVOTEK cameras (function limited for camera before 7000-series)
Device Search Manual & Auto
Device Sorting Status, Model, IP, MAC, Firmware
Device Filter Keyword
Device Authorization Support a batch of selected devices to use the same authorization
Device List Support import device by saved device list
Batch Camera Setup
Device Settings Support a batch of selected devices to be applied with settings by using template
Template Settings System
– Host name and time
– User account
– Network type & port
– Streaming protocols
– Qos
– Image
– Video
– Audio
– DI, DO
– Motion detection
Partial Settings Support partial settings to be applied
Import/Export Settings Support import/export template
IP Assignment Support a batch of selected devices to be assigned with IP address
IP Modes DHCP, Fixed IP, IP range
Maintenance Support a batch of selected devices to be maintained
Maintenance Type Firmware, Licenses, Packages
Batch Restore Support Support a batch of selected devices to be restored
Batch Restart Support Support a batch of selected devices to be restarted
Export Device List & Report
Export Export selected device to a list & export camera status for debug report
Export Type Device list, debug report
Export Format .csv, .tar.gz
Device Information Brand, Host name, IP, HTTP port, Network type, Model name, MAC, Firmware version
System Requirements
Graphics Adapter DirectX 9.0c compatible

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