Deep Search Plugin



Seamless integration with Vision Object Analytics

Easily enhance your Milestone XProtect with VIVOTEK's AI cameras for instant search evidence.

  • Integrate with all features from VIVOTEK's AI cameras.
  • Save valuable time and improve workflow efficiency.
  • Deep Search Plugin for Milestone XProtect is free.


Seamless Integration

Cameras equipped with Vision Object Analytics eliminate the need for complicated calibration and instantly send the metadata. Users can enjoy the convenience by simply installing this plugin.


Intuitive user experience

The intuitive user interface reduces the time and effort required for video investigation, and reduces the possibility of misjudgment. Enjoy all the intuition and convenience provides by Deep Search Plugin.


Turn hours into seconds – Deep Search

This saves users’ time and effort by eliminating the need for them to save countless hours of footage to find relevant evidence. Users can quickly locate people or vehicles with attributes within the footage recorded by one or more AI cameras.

Users can search for people or vehicles that have appeared at the location of their movement behavior, such as loitering, intrusion and line crossing. By analyzing the recorded directional trajectories from cameras, the searching results can also provide more relevant clues.



Tutorial Video




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