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iViewer is developed to allow users to monitor locations remotely by providing access to surveillance camera video directly from iOS or Android handheld device.

The re-designed and easy-to-use interface allows users to monitor live video from hundreds of cameras within their fingers. The user may access cameras managed by VAST (central & video management software), VIVOTEK’s NVR, or make direct connections to individual cameras via IP address or LAN search. iViewer also allows access to two-way audio for camera, PTZ and PiP screen control, fisheye dewarp, snapshot and the capability to playback recorded video from VIVOTEK’s VAST and NVR.

iviewer pc

What’s New in Version 3.14

  • Add support for playback export feature
  • Add support for alarm management feature to enable or disable alarm items
  • Fixed an issue where the live view streaming might be delayed display (iOS only)
  • General bug fixed

Key Features

  • H.265 Support
  • Support Multi-Sensor Camera Panoramic View
  • Virtual Joystick for Speed Dome Camera
  • Support Speed Dome Pan, Patrol, Preset, Tracking Function
  • PTZ Control
  • Fisheye Camera Dewarp (1O,1P,1R Mode)
  • Two-Way Audio (For Camera Only)
  • Timeline Playback
  • DO Control for Camera
  • Hardware Decode
  • Integration of VAST Windows AD Log-in (VAST v1.12 or later)
  • Support VAST Sub-station
  • HTTPS Encrypted Connection between iViewer and Camera/NVR/VAST (v1.12 or later)
  • Signage Service Support
  • VIVOTEK Camera SD Card Playback (Cameras with ONVIF v1.16.0.0 or later are recommended.)


Multiple Layout

With 1*2, 2*3 and 3*4 layout, users can pick most fit layout based on various situation or purpose. Simply tap bottom-left layout icon to change most suitable layout.
iviewer multiple layout


Timeline Playback

Intuitive timeline playback. Drag on timeline directly to choose playback time. Data indicator on timeline can show whether there are recording data or not in certain time.

User can play recording clips from VAST, VIVOTEK NVR or VIVOTEK camera with supported firmware.

iviewer timeline playback


Fisheye Dewarp

Fisheye Dewarp of VIVOTEK camera can also be done even in mobile app. Users can choose 1O, 1P, 1R mode of fisheye camera and use ePTZ to view stream from different angle.
iviewer fisheye dewarp


Virtual Joystick

With Virtual joystick, iViewer can now control VIVOTEK’s speed dome cameras more fluidly and intuitively. An indicator will be displayed on a single screen view when you tap your finger on it. Based on the camera model, you can also use iViewer to control presets, home, patrol, pan or tracking functions.
iviewer virtual joystick


180° Panoramic View

For a better viewing experience, iViewer now supports panoramic views for multi-sensor cameras. Double tap on the interested area to instantly zoom-in.
iviewer fisheye dewarp 180 panoramic view

System Requirements

  • Supports Handheld, Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • iOS 11.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later

[Notes] Discontinued support for Android 4 and iOS 10
iViewer App
 is ending support for devices running on Android 4 and iOS 10. VIVOTEK customers using devices with these operating systems will no longer be able to access iViewer App starting August 1, 2019. We encourage VIVOTEK customers on Android 4 or iOS 10 to upgrade their operating system for continued access to iViewer App.


Support List

  • VIVOTEK Network Cameras (7000 & 8000 & 9000 Series) (Function limited in 7000 Series camera).
  • VIVOTEK NVR (ND & NR Series).



Document Type: Manual.

Document Type: Manual (for v3.14).

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