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Key Features

                  • Capture Vehicle Speed up to 110MPH (180km/hr)
                  • One Camera Covers Both Scene Overview & LPC View
                  • Supreme Anti-Glare Capability
                  • One Camera Covers Dual Lanes
                  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance
                  • Certified by Numerous LPR Software Manufacturers around the World
                  • CaMate IR Illuminator with CVA Tech (Continuous Variable Angle Technology)
                  • Vandal-Proof IK10-rated and Weather-Proof IP68-rated Housing




VIVOTEK’s IP9165-LPC Kit represents a total solution for LPC (License Plate Capture) applications by leveraging the top tier image quality and traffic monitoring ability of the IP9165-LPC box camera. The CaMate IR Illuminator utilizing CVA Tech provides adjustable beam angles for different distances. The Headlight filter is implemented to reduce instances of glare from direct headlight contact. The IP9165-LPC Kit delivers clear license plate images for reliable recognition, in both the sunniest days, and in the darkest nights.

Empowered with VIVOTEK Scene Mode, which provides different exposure levels to avoid overexposure in some lighting conditions, the IP9165-LPC Kit can capture clear plate images from the vehicles moving at speeds of up to 110MPH (180km/hr).

Value-added features such as DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) and remote IR beam angle adjustment ensure that the IP9165-LPC Kit can be easily installed and adjusted to provide the perfect LPR solution. Further, with the high-resolution images supporting a wide range of up to two lanes, the IP9165-LPC Kit is also the most economic solution in LPR applications.

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One Camera Covers Both Scene Overview & LPC View



Scene Overview License Plate Recognition View


VIVOTEK’s 2 Mega-pixel resolution kit provides not only sufficient PPF for license plate capture, but also for a clear overview of moving vehicles, including car color, brand and type for general traffic surveillance purposes. Therefore, with only one VIVOTEK’s IP9165-LPC Kit, users can yield more information from one single location.


Supreme Anti-Glare Capability

ip816a-lpc-v2_kit-supreme-anti-glare-capability-left ip816a-lpc-v2_kit-supreme-anti-glare-capability-right
Clear Image Captured with IR Illuminators and Headlight Filter


Capturing images at night is a challenging issue for any surveillance application, but for License Plate Capture applications the challenge is even greater due to noise and glare caused by the headlights of cars. The IP9165-LPC Kit is equipped with external 48W/80W IR Illuminators and a delicate headlight filter, which help to filter out reflected light and only capture detailed information from the plates. Moreover, the IR threshold is also programmed to deploy the IR Illuminator automatically to ensure 24/7 & Day/Night performance.


One Camera Covers Dual Lanes

ip816a-lpc-v2_kit-day ip816a-lpc-v2_kit-night
Day Time Night Time


The high image quality of the IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit ensures wide coverage of two lanes with one Camera, whether used for Highway monitoring or for Street monitoring. With a single IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit covering dual lanes, the total cost of traffic monitoring will be reduced.



ip816a-lpc-v2_kit_traffic-monitoring ip816a-lpc-v2_kit_tunnel-monitoring ip816a-lpc-v2_kit_tunnel-monitoring
Electronic Toll Collection Traffic Monitoring Tunnel Monitoring


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Trend Micro IoT Security for Cybersecurity

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Technical Specifications – Kit

System Information

Model IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway): 110MPH (180 km/hr), with CA80I8-2040 IR
IP9165-LPC Kit (Street): 60MPH (90 km/hr), with CM48I8-2040 IR
IP9165-LPC-A Kit (Street): 60MPH (90 km/hr), with AI-109 IR
Max. Speed IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway): 110MPH (180 km/hr)
IP9165-LPC Kit (Street)/LPC-A Kit (Street): 60MPH (90 km/hr)
IR Threshold IR on: 300 Lux
IR off: 600 Lux
RS485 configurable
Shutter Time IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway): 1/1,600 to 1/10,000 sec.
IP9165-LPC Kit (Street)/LPC-A Kit (Street): 1/1,000 to 1/10,000 sec.
Max. Shutter Time 1/5 to 1/32,000 sec.
IR Illuminators IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway): CA80I8-2040 *1, 80W, 20° ~ 40° remote control beam angle
IP9165-LPC Kit (Street): CM48I8-2040 *1, 48W, 20° ~ 40° adjustable beam
IP9165-LPC-A Kit (Street): AI-109 *1, 48W, 10° ~ 30° remote control beam angle, embedded IR illuminator
Capture Range Up to 35 meters
* Suggested Distance: 10 ~ 20 m
Captured Lanes IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway)/(Street):
Road-side: 2 Lanes
Gantry: 2 Lanes
IP9165-LPC-A Kit (Street):
Road-side: 1 Lane
Gantry: 2 Lanes
*Suggested width per lane: 3.5 ~ 4M
Power Input AC/DC 24V
Power Consumption IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway):
Max. 110 W, AC/DC 24V
Suggested Power: AC 24V or DC 24V/ 5A
IP9165-LPC Kit (Street)/LPC-A Kit (Street):
Max. 78 W, AC/DC 24V
Suggested Power: DC 24V or AC 24V / 3.5A
Weight IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway)/(Street): 6,482 g
IP9165-LPC-A Kit (Street): 6,200 g
Housing Weather-proof IP68-rated housing
Vandal-proof IK10-rated housing
Operating Temperature Starting Temperature:
0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ 140°F)
Working Temperature:
-20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
-40°C ~ 60°C (-40°F ~ 140°F), with optional cold start heater
Humidity 90%
Compression H.265, H.264, MJPEG
Maximum Streams 4 simultaneous streams
Image Settings Adjustable image size, quality and bit rate;Time stamp, text overlay, flip & mirror; Configurable brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, exposure control, gain, backlight compensation, AE speed, privacy masks; Scheduled profile settings, HLC, defog, 3DNR, DIS, video rotation, lens profile, LPC scene mode
Users Live viewing for up to 10 clients
Interface 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX/1000 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
* It is highly recommended to use standard Cat. 5e & Cat. 6 cables which are compliant with the 3P/ETL standard.
ONVIF Supported, specification available at www.onvif.org
Intelligent Video
Video Motion Detection Five-window video motion detection
Alarm and Event
Alarm Triggers Motion detection, manual trigger, digital input, periodical trigger, system boot, recording notification, camera tampering detection, audio detection, advanced motion detection, SD card life expectancy, cybersecurity events (brute force attack event, cyberattack event, quarantine event)
Alarm Events Event notification via digital output, email, HTTP, FTP, NAS server, SD card, push notification
File upload via email, HTTP, FTP, NAS server, SD card
IP Camera Connectors RJ-45 cable connector for Network/PoE connection *1
Audio input *1
Audio output *1
DC 12V/AC 24V power input *1
Digital input *2
Digital output *2
RS485 *1
BNC *1
Safety Certifications IP Camera: CE, LVD, FCC Class B, VCCI, C-Tick, UL
Warranty 36 months
System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8/7
Mac 10.12 (Chrome only)
Web Browser Chrome 58.0 or above
Internet Explorer 10/11
Other Players VLC: 1.1.11 or above
QuickTime: 7 or above

Technical Specifications – Network Camera

System Information

Model IP9165-LPC
CPU Multimedia SoC (System-on-Chip)
Flash 128 MB
Camera Features
Image Sensor 1/2″ Progressive CMOS
Maximum Resolution 1920×1080 (2MP)
Lens Type Vari-focal, Remote Back Focus, i-CS
Focal Length f = 12 ~ 40 mm
Aperture F1.8 ~ F2.3
Auto-iris P-iris (i-CS/DC-iris reserved)
Field of View 11.6° ~ 34.2 ° (Horizontal)
6.6° ~ 18.7 ° (Vertical)
13.3° ~ 39.8 ° (Diagonal)
WDR Technology WDR Pro II
Day/Night Removable IR-cut filter for day & night function
(Headlight filter design for Anti-Glare)
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Functionalities ePTZ: 48x digital zoom (4x on IE plug-in, 12x built in)
On-board Storage Slot type: MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC card slot (Max. SD card capacity: 128GB)
Seamless Recording
Maximum Frame Rate 60 fps @ 1920×1080
S/N Ratio 66.2 dB
Dynamic Range 140 dB
Audio Capability Two-way Audio (full duplex)
Compression G.711, G.726
Interface External microphone input
External line output

Technical Specifications – IR Illuminator

Model CA80I8-2040
Max. Distance CA80I8-2040: 170 ~ 280 meters
CM48I8-2040: 120 ~ 200 meters
AI-109: 150 ~ 350 meters
Beam Angle CA80I8-2040: 20° ~ 40° remote adjustable
CM48I8-2040: 20° ~ 40° adjustable
AI-109: 10° ~ 30° remote adjustable
Input Power CA80I8-2040: 24VDC ±10%, 24VAC(50/60Hz) ±10%
CM48I8-2040: 12 ~ 24VDC ±10%, 24VAC(50/60Hz) ±10%
AI-109: 24VAC/28VDC with AE-23A enclosure
Power Consumption CA80I8-2040: 80W
CM48I8-2040: 48W
AI-109: 48W
Weight CA80I8-2040/CM48I8-2040: 2.1 kg
AI-109: 1.2 kg
Housing Weather-proof IP68-rated housing
Vandal-proof IK10-rated housing
Operating Temperature CA80I8-2040: -40 °C ~ 60 °C (-40 °F ~ 140 °F)
CM48I8-2040: -40 °C ~ 50°C (-40 °F ~ 122 °F)
AI-109: -40 °C ~ 50 °C (-40°F ~ 122°F)
Color CA80I8-2040/CM48I8-2040: Black
AI-109: White
Wavelength 850nm
Dimensions CA80I8-2040/CM48I8-2040: 220 x 160 x 73 mm
AI-109: 135 x 106 x 111 mm
Included Accessories CA80I8-2040/CM48I8-2040: U-Type Bracket (134 × 34 × 81.5 mm)
Certifications CA80I8-2040: IEC 62471, EN 50130-4, CE: EN61000-6-3, EN60598-1, EN60598-2-5, FCC Class A, EN60529
CM48I8-2040: IEC 62471, EN 50130-4, CE: EN61000-6-3, EN60598-1, EN60598-2-5, FCC Class B, EN60529
AI-109: CE, FCC class B, EN62471
Integrated Control Built-in photocell for automatic IR on/off




Cybersecurity Management Solution


Suggested Installation

ip9165 lpc kit suggested installation



Datasheets Link





Ordering Information

  ip816a lpc v2 kit ip816a lpc v2 kit ae 23a
   Kit IP9165-LPC Kit (Highway) IP9165-LPC Kit (Street) IP9165-LPC-A Kit (Street)
   P/N. 199004200G 199004100G 199004500G
   Category Model/Description
   IP Camera

ip9165 lpc

2MP, 60fps, WDR Pro 140dB, Remote Back Focus, 3DNR, DIS
   IR Illuminator
cm80i8 2040
80W IR Illuminator, 850nm,
20° ~ 40° remote control beam angle with CVA Tech
cm48i8 2040
48W IR Illuminator, 850nm,
20° ~ 40° adjustable beam angle with CVA Tech
ai 109
48W embedded IR Illuminator, 850nm,
10° ~ 30° remote control beam angle

ae 23l

Outdoor Enclosure with Anti-icing Heated Glass, Fan, 24VAC/DC in, IP68, IK10, Sunshield

ae 23c

Outdoor Enclosure with Anti-icing Heated Glass, Fan, 24VAC/28VDC in, IP68, IK10, Sunshield, Optional IR Illuminators

am 21e

Cable Management, Wall Mount Bracket


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