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The VivoCam L2+ series is the Layer 2 Plus managed PoE switch with IP surveillance management functions. This switch is not only a standard Layer 2 Plus managed PoE switch, but also able to set up and configure VIVOTEK IP cameras, Video servers and allows users to find all VIVOTEK devices and deploy a surveillance network system automatically.

The VivoCam L2+ series, also features Graphic View, such as Topology/Map view for controlling and understanding network structure and device situation, and Google Map integration to view system situation status for outdoor applications. It not only features surveillance network environment set up functions, but troubleshooting and traffic monitoring functions also help users to clarify and troubleshoot any connection or device issue. In addition, users can also import and export their VIVOTEK IP camera/Video server configuration files, and batch VIVOTEK cameras firmware upgrade through the VivoCam L2+ Managed PoE switch Web UI. With all of these features and more, the VivoCam L2+ series, is the best PoE solution to install and manage your VIVOTEK surveillance devices.




  Model   AW-GEV-107A-130
  Product Description   VivoCam L2+ Managed PoE Switch 8xGE PoE + 2GE Combo + 1xRJ45 Console
  Managing IP Surveillance Functions
  Auto Search VIVOTEK Device   up to 1000 pcs
  Surveillance Device Management List   V
  DHCP Server Function   V
  VIVOTEK Device Account/Password Setting   V
  VIVOTEK Device Static IP Setting   V
  VIVOTEK Device Grouping Setting for VLAN   V
  VIVOTEK Device Name Edit   V
  VIVOTEK Camera/Video Server Reboot/Restore Default   V
  VIVOTEK Device Re-direct Link   V
  VIVOTEK Device On/Off Line Status   V
  Graphic View
  Topology View   V
  Floor View   V
  Google Map View   V
  VIVOTEK Camera/Video Server Configuration File Export/Import   V
  VIVOTEK Cameras/Video Server Configuration File Management   V
  Floor Image Management   V
  Export Surveillance Management Device List   V
  Security   V
  Trouble Shooting   V
  Traffic Monitoring   V
  Managed Layer 2+ PoE Switch Functions
  Port Configuration
  10M/100M/1G RJ45 PoE Port   8
  GE RJ45/SFP Combo Port   2
  RJ45 Console Port   1
  Total Ports   11
  HW Performance
  Switching Bandwidth   20Gbps
  Forwarding Capacity   14.88 Mpps
  MAC Address   8K
  Jumbo Frames   9600 Bytes
  Surge Protection   Per Port 6KV

  Layer 2+ Features

  Spanning Tree
IEEE802.1D (STP)   V
IEEE802.1w (RSTP)   V
IEEE802.1s (MSTP)   V
802.1Q VLAN   4096 VLAN IDs
Private VLAN   V
Guest VLAN   V
Q-in-Q (Double Tag)   V
802.1v Protocol VLAN   V
MAC-based VLAN   V
IP Subnet-based VLAN   V
  IEEE 802.3ad LACP   up to 10 ports in a group, max. up to 5 groups
  Static Trunk   up to 10 ports in a group, max. up to 5 groups
  IGMP Snooping (v1/v2/v3)   V
  Loop Detection   V
  L3 Features
  IP Host Table   V
  IPv4/v6 Static Routing   V
  Static ARP   V
  DHCP Server   V

  QoS Features

Hardware Queues   8
  Class Of Service
Port Based   V
802.1p   V
CoS   V
TCP/UDP (IPv4/IPv6)   V
Ingress   V
Egress   V
  Priority Queue Scheduling
Strict Priority   V
IPv4 QoS (QCEs)   V
IPv6 QoS (QCEs)   V
  Port Security (MAC-based)   V
  IEEE802.1x   V
 Source and Destination MAC, VLAN ID or IP Address, Protocol, Port  
(DSCP) / IP Precedence   V
(DSCP) / IP Precedence   V
(DSCP) / IP Precedence   V
ICMP Packets   V
  IP Source Guard (IP-MAC-Port Binding)   V
  Storm Control   V
  RADIUS Authentication (RFC2138)   V
  DDoS Prevention   V
  Layer 3 Isolation (Allow/Disallow Routing between IP Subnets)   V
  HTTPs and SSL (Secured Web)   V
  SSH v1.5/v2.0 (Secured Telnet Session)   V
  BPDU Guard   V
  STP Root Guard   V
  DHCP Snooping   V
  SNMP (v1, v2c, v3)   V
  RMON (1, 2, 3 & 9 groups)   V
  Software Upgrade   V
  Configuration Export/Import   V
  Client   V
  Option 66   V
  Option 67   V
  Event/Error Log  
  Syslog   V
  Management Access Filtering
 Web   V
Telnet   V
  Port Mirroring   V
  MLD Snooping   V
  LLDP (IEEE802.1AB)   V
  CDP   V
  NTP/ SNTP (RFC2030)    V
  IPv6 Support
  Dual IPv6/IPv4 Stack   V
 IPv6 Web/SSL   V
  IPv6 SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)    V
  IPv6 Telnet Server/SSH   V
  IPv6 Ping Trace Route   V
  IPv6 TFTP   V
  IPv6 Syslog   V
  IPv6 DNS Client   V
  IPv6 Protocol-based VLANs   V
  IPv6 SNMP   V
  PoE Management
  ON/OFF Config   V
  Alive Checking for PD   V
  Power Delay   V
  7/24 On/Off Scheduling   V
  PoE Function   V
  Number of PoE Out Ports   8
  PoE Output Power   Per Port 54VDC, Max. 30W
  802.3at/af Standard Compatible   V
  Over Current Protection   V
 Circuit Shorting Protection   V
  Total PoE Power Budget   130W
  Power Pin Assignment   1/2(+), 3/6(-)
  PoE PD Auto Detection   V
  Environmental Specifications
  Operating Temperature     0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~ 122°F)
  Operating Humidity   10 ~ 90% RH
  Storage Temperature   -20°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)
  Storage Humidity   10 ~ 90% RH
  Mechanical Specifications
  Dimensions    44 (H) x 220 (W) x 242.2 (D) mm
  Weight   2.3 kg
  Power Source
  AC Input   100V-240V
  Frequency   50~60 Hz
  Power Consumption   150W
  Certifications   CE, FCC, LVD, VCCI, C-Tick
  Optional Accessories   SFP Transceiver:
  SFP-1000-MM85-X5: MMF, 0.5 km, 0°C ~ 70°C
  SFP-1000-MM13-02: MMF, 2 km, 0°C ~ 70°C
  SFP-1000-SM13-10: SMF, 10 km, 0°C ~ 70°
  SFP-1000-SM13-40: SMF, 40 km, 0°C ~ 70°C



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