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Outdoor Enclosures – Value Series

AE-23A - Enclosure - Accessories

Key Features

  • Weather-proof IP68-rated
  • Vandal-proof IK10-rated Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Window Demister Heater and Fan
  • PoE at 30W Power Input
  • Built-in IR LEDs Viewing up to 50M




Value Series outdoor enclosures are compatible with all VIVOTEK box cameras, including wide-angle lenses or long-distance remote focus lenses. The camera enclosures are constructed from cast aluminum to meet IP68, and IK 10 standards.

AE-238 and AE-243 are supported by 24VAC/VDC input, AE239 and AE-244 are supported by PoE input, AE-243 and AE-244 are designed with built-in IR illuminator, all of them are equipped with demisting windows heater & fan.




Technical Specifications

Product Information
Model AE-244
P/N 900042402G
Input Voltage IEEE 802.3 at PoE 50~57VDC
Power Output PoE 802.3 at*1
DC 12V*1
Max. Output Power Budget 30W
Optional IR LEDs Fixed IR LED 6W, 25°, 50m
Power Consumption Window Heater: 10W
Fan: 2W
Others: 2W
Optional 10L Water Tank & Pump
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 65°C (-4°F ~ 149°F)
-20°C ~ 50°C (-4°F ~ 122°F) (IR ON)
Windows Heater ON/OFF ≤ 30°C (86°F) ON
≥ 35°C (95°F) OFF
Cold Start Heater ON/OFF
Fan ON/OFF ≥ 40°C (104 °F) ON
≤ 35°C (95 °F) OFF
Waterproof IP Rating IP68
Vandal Proof IK10
Impact Rated on Cast
Aluminum Housing
Warranty 12 months
Supported Cameras All VIVOTEK Box Cameras
Included Accessories Installation Guide
Screw Kit
Wall Mount Bracket (AM-21E)
Sunshield (AE-2S1)
Mount Type Wall Mount
Ceiling Mount
Corner Mount
Standing Mount
Optional Accessories Ceiling Mount Bracket: AM-11F
Standing Mount Bracket: AM-811
Pole Mount Bracket: AM-314, AM-315




VIVOTEK PoE Enclosure: Value Series & Supreme Series





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